“The Eternal Battle”

“FIGHT! Launch the cannons!”

Balls of yarn flew across the battlefield. The Canine Corps were pelted relentlessly by projectiles of red, pink, orange, blue, and green. Overcome by the signature “rainbow barrage” of the Feline Guard, the dogs were forced to retreat. At least, the cats thought so.

Once in a safe location, Major Spot began to speak: “Listen up, fleabags! This war has gone on for too long! Will this battle be where we retreat?” Some dogs nodded vigorously, but most of them replied with an emphatic “No!”

“That’s what I thought! So here’s the plan…” Major Spot began.

The Feline Corps were reloading the cannons when, suddenly, a scout returned shouting “General! Look!” General Whiskers whirled around to see the dogbone, the tried-and-true phalanx of the Canine Corps. Having seen this formation a thousand times before, General Whiskers cried out, “Everybody! MARCH!”

The Feline Guard sprang into action. Hundreds of footsteps could be heard and the cannons began again. This was Major Spot’s chance.

“All right, fleabags! Let’s show those hairballs how to FETCH!” 

In the air, yarn was met with rubber. Hidden in the midst of the dogbone were the dogs’ anti-projectile launchers. No longer being assaulted by the “rainbow barrage,” the Canine Corps marched forward and met the Feline Guard head-on. The two factions battled relentlessly until the Feline Guard was defeated. For days, the dogs celebrated their victory, until they heard…

“Ready, fur-lickers? ATTACK!”