Mr. Dusman Has the Technology Touch

Technology teacher Errol Dusman, new to LHS this year, possesses the skills and experience to lead a robust curriculum. Dusman has worked in the field of technology since he was very young by fixing and renovating apartments in his neighborhood for new tenants. “Being surrounded by technology from a young age naturally guided me towards a career oriented towards what I liked,” he explained.

It is only natural that Dusman’s passion for the subject carries over into the classroom, where he is laying the groundwork for a new curriculum. For his Advanced Design and Innovation course, he plans to implement a mixture of traditional woodworking and 3D-design learning, using programs like SOLIDWORKS and Illustrator to create unique and advanced projects. The woodworking lessons in particular excite Dusman, as he looks forward to teaching in a “hands-on environment.” He also commented on the recently renovated technology lab that was a part of the mass 2021 renovations to the building, calling it “state-of-the-art.” When asked what he was most eager to teach, Dusman shared his excitement for teaching about the “human-made” world.

Dusman also explores his passion for technology in his spare time. “I am an avid woodworker. Making projects both for fun and practicality is a valuable skill that I love to use,” he said. “I enjoy reading books about manufacturing, woodworking, and design for various industries.” Dusman also expressed joy for 3D-printing, which has been demonstrated so far in his Advanced Design and Innovation classes with one printer-based project being recently made and more planned for the future. Much of Dusman’s interest has to do with the increasing availability of 3D printers as they become less expensive.

Junior Ryan Lee, a student in the Advanced Design and Innovation course, said he has been enjoying Dusman’s class so far and notes that Dusman is “very knowledgeable.” So far, Lee’s favorite project has been designing and 3D-printing a trophy he made: “I actually designed it from the beginning to end.” Junior Grace Devaney, also in this course, said she enjoys the programs the class uses and the assignments Dusman gives. “This just makes the class even more enjoyable,” she said. Devaney also enjoyed the trophy project: “I loved the freedom of getting to design what I wanted.”