“A Familiar Beginning”

I can breathe again. 

The veil that stole my breath and beam

Cast off now, as I enter a new dream. 


I can see again. 

Wide awake and in awe of words now spoken clear 

As a bright spring sky, beautiful and sincere. 


I can hear again. 

Laughter of children running about

Wild and free, the world is their playground. 


I can feel again. 

My heart in full bloom for old things now new, 

We waited and wished for the miracle to come true. 


I can move again. 

Purpose and pride propel my every stride, 

As life goes on like the ebbing of the tide. 


I can live again. 

One breath, a new moment created

To see, hear, feel, and soar towards all that I’ve awaited. 


Every dawn a new day, 

Every breath a new moment, 

Why let this precious time pass? Arise, and own it.