Marijuana Banned in Lynbrook

The Village of Lynbrook is putting a ban on smoking marijuana in public. In 2017, state officials approved the Clean Indoor Air Act, which prohibits smoking and vaping in most public and private indoor workplaces, such as restaurants. In May, after the public hearing, the village board unanimously voted to ban marijuana dispensaries and shops from being built, citing potential danger in the community.

New York is the 18th state to legalize marijuana; however, many want to outlaw smoking it in public due to complaints about the odor. Furthermore, many believe smoking in public workplaces can be a danger to the employees and other consumers. By placing this ban, the village can protect workers from exposure to second-hand smoke aerosols.

Tom Atkinson, village attorney, explained that they would not ban smoking marijuana in private homes, as it is now legal under state law. On the other hand, Mayor Bruno Romano stated, “First of all, we don’t want it in our community. Second of all, I grew up in East Rockaway, and I certainly don’t want this happening. This is a quality-of-life issue for all of us. This doesn’t belong here.”

Freshman Alex Feliciano believes marijuana should be banned in public spaces with children and people with health problems. “However,” Feliciano said, “if you’re in a public area where you aren’t at risk of harming someone, you should be allowed to smoke it, especially if it is medical.”

Sophomore Vanessa Gonzalo believes,“If people are allowed to smoke cigarettes, you should be allowed to smoke marijuana.”

Although it is difficult to completely avoid the smell of marijuana, with modern technology, products could possibly be created to leave behind less of an odor. People with medical problems who may suffer an episode outside of their homes should be allowed to smoke medical marijuana as they please. There should be designated smoking areas as well. 

An anonymous student said, “I do not think it should be banned completely, rather there should be some restrictions and regulations.” Since marijuana is legalized in New York, there is no point in banning it altogether; rather, we should institute boundaries and limitations.