Anti-Mask Mandates Are Hypocritical

The coronavirus pandemic shut down the entire world. Jobs were lost, events were cancelled, and many lives were lost to this respiratory disease. Restrictions were instituted to control the virus: mask mandates, social-distancing protocols, and even localized curfews to minimize social interaction. These protocols, the most widely used being the mask mandate, were put in place to save lives and slow the spread of coronavirus, not to impede on the natural rights of American citizens. 

Although it is obvious that these regulations are made in response to a public health crisis, many claim the Democratic political party is using the pandemic as an excuse to control the civil liberties of the people. Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis even attempted to create a mandate banning masks in school on the assumption that wearing a mask is a hassle for the entire population of Florida. 

Senior Jules Erndl said, “I have no problem wearing a mask if/when I’m needed to.” Although masks might be inconvenient at times, slight discomfort is preferred over putting other people’s health, and lives, in jeopardy.  

No matter one’s political party, it is impossible to say the mask mandate has not helped lessen the spread of coronavirus. According to the New York City Department of Health (DOH), masks must be worn by those over the age of two and those who can medically tolerate a mask. Unvaccinated individuals must also mask up in all public spaces. Also according to the NYC DOH, the percent of positive coronavirus cases in NYC is 2.57%; meanwhile, Florida, a state without a set mask mandate, has a Covid-positive rate of 3.8%, significantly higher than NYC’s.   

Masks are required, not as an attack against personal freedom, but instead as a protective measure to save lives. As of October 2021, there have been at least 724,000 COVID-related deaths in the United States alone, as per The New York Time’s research. If wearing a mask in public settings can reduce infection rate and save lives, it would be selfish not to. 

Senior Scarlett Kreit said, “I think masks are a step in the right direction when it comes to slowing the pandemic. [Masks] protect people and keep everyone safe. Not wearing one puts others at risk. Just wear them.” 

The argument regarding mask mandates has a clear answer. If wearing a mask can save a life, why would anyone support an anti-mask mandate?