Meet the 2021-22 SGA Representatives

As the new school year began, each LHS class was responsible for electing a student government (SGA) president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Keeping with tradition, candidates made posters and plastered them around the school to campaign. Each student voted for whomever he felt would do the job best for his grade and best represent his class’ interests. After all the votes were tallied, the winners were announced. 

     The Senior Class SGA cabinet results are as follows: President Jaden Harvin, Vice President (VP) Vinny Sullivan, Secretary Grace Bodian, and Treasurer Tyler Ippolito.

     The Junior Class will be represented by President Gabrielle Geller, VP Max Cordes, Secretary Jake Lunati, and Treasurer Juliette Bohn.

     The Sophomore Class SGA representatives are President Dea Pulatani, VP Charles Reiss, Secretary Stephanie Neri, and Treasurer Logan Benvenuto. 

     The results of the Freshman Class SGA cabinet are as follows: President Adam Berkowitz, Jr., VP Cooper Schorr, Secretary Brian Gilmartin, and Treasurer Chloe Roemig.

     All members assisted in decorating the school for spirit week and are preparing for this year’s Homecoming. When asked what she was most excited to plan for the sophomore class this year, Pulatani stated, “I am most excited to plan the banner, which is coming up so soon.” The banner she is referring to is the one each class is required to decorate for the Homecoming parade and football game. Each grade was awarded points for its banner; those points  will count towards the final Class Night score tallies in March. 

     “As president, I ran the ballots for Homecoming king and queen,” said Geller. “I also decorated the cafeteria with the junior class for Walt Disney Wednesday and decorated the gym for the pep rally.”  

     “This year, I am most looking forward to Human Relations Day,” said Geller. “As president, I hope I will play a big role in organizing Human Relations Day because I have enjoyed it so much in past years,” she added.  

     While each class has its own distinct cabinet focused on serving its individual grade, the cabinets must collaborate to serve the entire school. “I am most looking forward to the redoing of the memorials outside of our high school,” Berkowitz said. His grandmother, who passed away from breast cancer, is one of the individuals honored by the memorials, so this issue is close to his heart. 

     Though each class president has his or her own personal motivations for wanting the position, many candidates shared a common goal of wanting to better the LHS school and Lynbrook community. When asked why she ran for junior class president, Geller said, “I like leading events and planning activities for the school, and with my experience of being president of my class last year, I wanted to be a part of that again.” Senior class President Jaden Harvin said, “I love being involved with the school, and SGA is the perfect place to be involved.” 

     Berkowitz added, “I want to see our amazing school get better, and I believe that I can help us do that.” Pulatani supports the goal of improving the school environment for the collective good, and noted, “I am looking forward to making SGA fun for everyone and making LHS a great place!”