Students and Staff Share Thoughts on the New Wing

With the new school year in full swing, students and teachers are beginning to get used to LHS’s new wing. Over the course of last school year, students were able to see the construction progress, and as school reopened after summer break, many were excited to see it complete.

This wing consists of two floors and holds the music and art rooms. Compared to the old brick walls found in the rest of the school, these hallways are new, bright, and more modern. Classrooms are larger and more spacious. 

What do students and staff think of this new wing? Here is what they had to say:

  • Freshman Jillian Weston said, “The new wing adds so much potential for the students’ education.” As a band student, she explained, the band room “has enough room to fit the whole band, and it has a special space dedicated to the instruments.”
  • Sophomore Daniel Cullen thinks that the new wing is “a nice addition to the school,” and said he is happy that “construction is done.”
  • Freshman Brianna Lamoreaux likes the new wing because it “makes the school look cooler than it did before.”
  • Sophomore Juliet Desouza-Wrzesniewski loves the new wing: “I think it’s really nice,” she said. “Overall, the rooms are big, and it brings a nice, fresh space to our school.”
  • Sophomore Nawar Aboud said she “really likes the new wing” and is “happy about the new music rooms.”
  • Sophomore Olivia Lanteri thinks that the wing is nice but does not necessarily feel like [it is] a part of the old school. “It offers new spaces for students to express themselves, whether it’s through the arts or music,” Lanteri said. “However, I noticed that only a few people have classes down there, so it’s not as ‘lived in’ as the other wings.”
  • Sophomore Isabella Martinez described the new wing as “fancy and nice.” She likes the “cool music rooms” and added that the classrooms are very spacious. She thinks the wing “gives off really good vibes.”
  • Sophomore Grace Loiselle, like many, enjoys the arts section of the wing. “I love the new wing,” she said. “I have classes in the art and chorus rooms. It’s such a great improvement.”
  • Junior Jaiden Moreno thinks that the new wing brings a refreshing change of pace and that it is very nice overall. “It’s interesting walking to my classes in the new wing because I’m still not fully used to it,” he said. “I like the new rooms a lot, especially the new water fountains.”
  • Fashion Design teacher Karen Goulet said, “It is wonderful to have a room dedicated to the Family and Consumer Science Department and specifically to the fashion program,” Goulet especially likes how “all of the tables are pushed together so the students are one large group.” This year, class enrollment is “higher than ever,” she said, “so it is nice to have a large, new space where students can spread out.”

The new addition has received many positive reviews thus far from both the student body and staff.