25 People, One Question: If you could go anywhere in the world, right now, where would you go?



  1. “The Maldives because it seems like the perfect place to relax.” – freshman Raquel Romano
  2. “Italy, Australia, or Hawaii. I have family in Italy and Austria, and I want to go to Hawaii since it’s pretty and very secluded.” – freshman Gianna Taverna
  3. “Paris. I’ve been twice, and I’m dying to go back, so I can see different parts of the city.” – freshman Amelie Duch
  4. “Greece because I have always found it so beautiful.” – freshman Stephanie Neri
  5. “The Bahamas or Aruba to end the school year and start off summer.” – freshman Mackenzie Casey
  6. “Africa because I would like to go on a safari.” – freshman Bianca Dublin
  7. “Italy because I would love to be able to travel to the city.” – freshman Reese Shapiro
  8. “The Bahamas because I love the warm weather and the beach.” – freshman Alexis Raynor
  9. “Charleston, South Carolina, because I usually go there every year, but I couldn’t this year because of the pandemic.” – sophomore Kate Chiulli
  10. “Greece because I’ve always wanted to go there.” – sophomore Alexi Deninno
  11. “Hawaii because a relaxing vacation with family and friends sounds perfect.” – sophomore Ryan Benvenuto
  12. “Aruba because I like the beach and hot weather.” – sophomore Abbey McManus
  13. “Italy because my family is from there, and I’ve always wanted to see all of the ancient and modern history.” – sophomore Alyssa Inserra
  14. “Ibiza because the nightlife looks really fun.” – junior Abby Almonte
  15. “Dubai or Greece because the beaches look gorgeous.” – junior Alex Travis
  16. “Hawaii because the weather looks really nice.” – junior Malachey Cavassa
  17. “Italy because I want to learn more about where my family is from.” – junior Elizabeth Difiore
  18. “Dubai because you can live tax free, and it sounds pretty cool.” – junior Dylan Stalter
  19. “Aruba because it is a tropical island that seems really chill and fun.” – junior Jaden Harvin
  20. “Hawaii because it has been my dream to go there since I was little.” – senior Mason Benvenuto
  21. “Australia because they have very low Covid numbers, and I want to be a tourist there.” – senior Kensi Deninno
  22. “Singapore because I heard it is immaculately clean and a beautiful country.” – senior Tess Rechtweg
  23. “Italy because that is where my family is from.” – senior Joseph Giovinco
  24. “Albania because my students have told me such amazing things about the culture and food!” – ENL teacher Karen Smith
  25. “Ireland because the people and the weather there seem nice.” – AP World History teacher David Rabinowitz