Listen to “Life Support” by Madison Beer


Lexi Capitali

Madison Beer recently released her album Life Support, and fans are greatly enjoying her new music.

Well-known pop singer Madison Beer released her second and debut album, Life Support, on Feb. 26. Fans were anxiously awaiting the album’s release and have been holding it in high regard. 

The 22-year-old singer, originally from Roslyn, on Long Island, announced on Dec. 7, 2020, that her album would be released in late February. She then stated that she would release a single from the album that coming Friday. 

The album features 15 songs, an introduction, and an ending. Each song has its own story, and each song is beautifully written lyrically. 

Some songs on the album have a somber mood, like “Everything Happens for a Reason” and “Homesick,” while others have a heavy beat and are more lively, such as “Baby” and “Stained Glass.” Then, of course, there are the songs that are in the middle — a little slow, but still extremely catchy — like “Sour Times” and “Effortlessly.”

Regardless of their tempo, all of the songs are extremely raw, and it is easy to recognize that Beer poured her heart into this album. Each song seems to have a message or a meaning behind it, and she portrayed her messages well lyrically. 

One thing I really liked about this album is that any one song on the album can have a few different purposes. Most of these songs are not for something like dancing, but many of them are great for singing in the shower, listening to before you go to sleep, or even screaming to loudly with your friends. For example, “Emotional Bruises” can double as a breakup song and something you can sing with your friends. 

This album is so real and mellifluous. I did not skip one song, and I will be listening to it on loop. So, if you need new music, I highly suggest that you give Life Support a chance.