Use Discord!

Discord has gained popularity as a means of keeping in touch with friends

Emily Paladino

Discord has gained popularity as a means of keeping in touch with friends

The COVID-19 pandemic has created many setbacks regarding gathering in large groups. Hanging out with friends without the risk of endangering others has become increasingly difficult. Although it is a challenge to gather in person, there are many ways to gather virtually. Discord, however, has been the most effective and user-friendly way to interact with friends and family. 

A popular instant messaging and social gaming platform, Discord, has seen a massive growth in users since the beginning of the pandemic. Discord allows users to be in calls and “group-chats” with friends while playing video games. With the option for users to share their screens on both the mobile and computer versions, streaming movies and videos over Discord with friends has gained popularity. 

Due to social distancing restrictions, users are inside their homes, and therefore, more inclined to play games. Discord owes much of its newfound success to the popular game Among Us. Among Us has gained popularity with children, teenagers, and even adults. According to Adam Blacker, an author from Apptopia (, a gaming blog, “Discord has been hitting lifetime downloads of 800,000 per day!” During quarantine, more people have been using the app to communicate with their friends and play Among Us. Junior Victoria Artz revealed, “I really enjoyed staying connected with my friends in a different way. I thought it was really fun and it gives me something to look forward to, and it is an overall fun thing to do with my friends during the quarantine!” 

Discord brings people together virtually. On top of connecting people through games, Discord allows users to share their screen with others. This can lead to numerous new ways of entertainment, such as movie nights and watching videos with friends. Freshman Vanessa Gonzalo explained, “I think it is cool that the movie plays well. I can usually see my friends’ reactions to the movie in the corner of the screen, you can meet new people, and you can change the volume of the users and the movie itself.” Not only is Discord ideal for entertainment purposes, the “group-call” option allows for collaboration over the phone, making it a great platform to meet virtually for group projects and/or activities. Junior Johnny Lu said, “I believe working on projects through Discord alongside friends is a great way to arrive at solutions for problems you are stumped by while making the whole process worthwhile and enjoyable.” 

Discord surpasses other social media apps in versatility and appeal. Users are able to use the app on both the computer and the mobile phone. Also, app developers are constantly updating the app, fixing bugs quickly. Discord is a perfect alternative for socializing with friends in person. Next time you want to hang out with your friends, use Discord!