Should the Chairs in the Science Classrooms be Replaced?


Photo by Mochammed Algi from Pexels

A backless stool such as the ones used in the science classrooms.

Most students have at least one science class per day. Science classes throughout the day go smoothly; however, students are becoming more and more vocal about their distaste with the high up, round seated stools in the science classrooms. Since the chairs have no back, students are experiencing extreme discomfort during their one or two periods of science class each day. Even if a student has good posture, it is hard to sit up straight with no support for long periods of time. 

An article by The Eagle Eye says that sitting in an uncomfortable chair can distract students from their learning: “This discomfort causes students’ brains to shift their focus from their teacher to how uncomfortable they are.” The Eagle Eye also emphasizes that sitting in these chairs for a good portion of our academic lives can deform our spines and stop growth spurts ( According to American School and University, “Schools and universities should outfit their classrooms and other learning spaces with furniture that enables students to carry out their school work comfortably and does not detract from their ability to focus and learn.” 

Students and staff voiced their opinions on whether the seats should be changed and what should be done to replace them. “It is hard to have a regular seat in here, so you do need some stools, and I understand that these are uncomfortable for a long period of time, so I think if the schools add a back to them, that would be better,” said Linda Vegh, a ninth grade biology teacher. Marino Grillo, a freshman, explained, “I think [the stools] can be improved in many ways; for starters, they should be cushioned, and they should have backs to them so your back could rest in a very important class.” Junior Lexi Capitali voiced her opinion: “Honestly, the chairs in the science rooms do not really bother me, and I kind of think they are cool because it is like I am in a science lab…” Junior Sophie Ward said, “The stools are very uncomfortable and sometimes hinder focus. However, since the school does have a limited budget, I do not think that it is a necessary change.”