Be Fit, Stay Fit, Fit Kit


Although the pandemic created many setbacks and restrictions for LHS classes and activities, it did not stop the Virtual Enterprise (VE) class from holding its routine interview process and having a great start to the year. VE is a class that creates a functioning business in which students have real-world positions, such as the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.), Chief Financial Officer (C.F.O.), Chief Technical Officer (C.T.O.), and so on. Recently, the company finished its job appointment process, and students were interviewed by the school principals to run for each position. 

The program is run by Teacher Benedict Tieniber, who has twenty-five students working together to create this year’s company, Fit Kit. Fit Kit is a subscription acquired service, with the main goal of leading its customers to live a healthier lifestyle. Winter is approaching and working out and living a healthy lifestyle can become less attainable for many. However, subscribing to Fit Kit allows one to live a healthy lifestyle and exercise from the comfort of their own home. 

 “Fit Kit ultimately allows users to take their physical and mental well-being to the next level,” said Tieniber. The service combines healthy eating and efficient workouts into one easy-access platform. It features a personalized exercise bike, which is tailored individually to each user. Recipes and recommended health articles are offered, as well as a customizable meal plan. 

Tieniber said the most challenging part of operating Virtual Enterprise this year proves to be half of the staff working from home. Three students are working completely remotely, and thirteen students come in on one day, and then nine students come in n the other. 

Appointed C.T.O., Senior John Kelhetter, shared, “This year, all of the VE trade shows and competitions are all online. In a normal year, we would set up a booth, trade with other companies, and participate in competitions. Many schools on Long Island have yet to come up with their companies, which will affect their ranking in international competitions. This year we have a great group of ambitious and creative individuals, which enabled us to hit the ground running.” 

“Not being able to go to trade shows in person is definitely a hard thing to wrap around all of our heads, and it will make it more difficult to sell our products, but we are making it work,” said C.E.O Senior Natalia Leszczak. “That setback will not put us behind, it is just pushing us to work harder.” 

Fit Kit has many departments, and there are many staff members. It is difficult for students to fully break out into their distinct departments due to the Coronavirus restrictions, yet the staff members of Fit Kit have worked even harder this year to overcome arising challenges.

Tieniber said, “While it has been challenging, our team has worked tirelessly to operate at full force.” Although there will be setbacks, Fit Kit has hit the ground running and progressed ahead of many schools, which will help the company perfect its ideas and concepts.