Summer 2020 Trends


Ambiya Hussain

An example of the square-toed sandals that rose to popularity as a summer 2020 trend.

The summer of 2020 can confidently be coined the most unusual summer of the decade. However, even cancellations, social distancing, and a global pandemic could not hinder the emergence of summer fashion trends.

Last summer, tiny handbags took over runways and streetwear. The trend’s catalyst was French designer Jacquemus, and his new style caught the attention of many; some called the handbags frivolous and impractical. However, this summer’s handbag trend was focused on a material rather than a size. Known as the “pillow bag,” puffy fabrics were used to create many styles of accessories, ranging from crossbody to shoulder bags. The most notable version of this style is the luxury brand Bottega Veneta’s version, which some argue to be the original design. The great thing about this style is that one does not have to spend a fortune in order to rock it: A wide range of stores, designers, and brands carry it, such as ASOS and JW Pei

Another handbag featured over the summer was made of nylon material: a smooth, silky fabric. Assembled as a minimalist rectangular pouch with a short strap, and meant to be worn on or over the shoulder, these bags are the perfect addition to any outfit. A multitude of brands created their version of the nylon shoulder bag, from Cotton On to Prada

Dresses are an extremely versatile piece of clothing. People have been pairing dresses with many kinds of shoes for years, such as sleek high heels for dinner parties or sneakers for running errands. This past summer, an overwhelmingly favored trend became popular: the pairing of dresses, whether casual or fancy, with boots. Usually, the boots were chunky, black, and leather, while the dresses ranged from sophisticated silk to casual rompers. This pairing creates a modern, sleek look, and wearers have control over how casual or formal they would like their outfit to look. The onset of cooler weather may cause this trend to discontinue.

With the arrival of summer, a popular shoe trend always emerges. This summer, square toed sandals and flip-flops were the top choices of footwear. These can be described simply as a regular sandal or heel, excluding the front portion, which creates a sharp, linear shape rather than the usual rounded front. Depending on the brand, some shoes were created to have a more extreme and noticeably square shape, whereas others were just square enough for it to fall into this category. Either way, this geometric shape gives any outfit a sleek look. It is predicted that this trend will carry on to the fall, as many brands such as ASOS and Sam Edelman released square-toed boots, a spin off of the sandal. In addition, heels with this style may be continuously worn throughout the year.

Three LHS students were asked about their participation in and knowledge of these summer trends. They were asked the following questions: Do you own, or did you wear, any of the mentioned accessory trends? Which is your favorite and why? Which article of clothing, or item, have you seen the most? Senior Marianne Lombardo answered, “I own the nylon shoulder bag in black, and I actually just bought it in May. I really like the bag because it is sleek and matches any outfit. Personally, I have seen a lot of people wear the dress and boots combination this past summer.” 

Freshman Charles Reis commented, “I do own a nylon shoulder bag, and I like mine because it is easy to pair with different outfits. My favorite style is the dresses with boots because I think it’s a really cool and confidence-boosting trend. I have seen the different types of bags the most because it is a cute way to accessorize.”

Senior Victoria Medina shared, “I do not own a shoulder bag, but I do have square toed shoes, dresses, and boots. I did wear my square-toed shoes and the boots/dress combination. I thought they were pretty fun to wear. I saw the most of the shoulder bags this summer.”  

The summer trends of 2020 greatly differed from those of 2019. Clearly, the individuality of style seems to become more diverse and beautiful each summer. It is interesting to see and predict which trends will carry on through the year’s end, and which will just remain a summer fashion trend.