Bieber Battles Lyme Disease

World famous 25-year-old Canadian-born singer Justin Beiber rose to fame as a teen. He has had countless number- one songs and albums, and his upbeat pop hits have been blasting on the radio for many years. However, as time has worn on, speculations have arisen about the cause of Bieber’s languid behavior. He recently revealed some of the answers when he announced a serious medical diagnosis and how he has been trying to cope with it.  

Bieber revealed his ongoing battle with Lyme disease on January 8. Bieber expressed in a public statement, “While a lot of people kept saying ‘[I] looks like s—, on meth, etc.’ they failed to realize I’ve been recently diagnosed with Lyme disease…” Along with Lyme disease, Bieber also mentioned that he has dealt with “a serious case of chronic mono which affected [his] skin, brain function, energy, and overall health.” Many fans were disappointed to hear about Bieber’s illness, including junior Leanna Sullivan. Sullivan described that she has been a loyal fan to Bieber and expressed that she “saw Justin’s post right away when her friend shared it with her and felt terrible.” 

Lyme disease is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi, and, occasionally, the bacteria Borrelia mayonii may also give rise to this disease. People are infected with Lyme disease when bitten by a tick that carries the disease. It affects the entire body and often causes pain, fatigue, and fevers. Lyme disease can infect the joints, heart, and nervous system as well. Lyme disease does not go away quickly, and symptoms may linger for months, or even years. These ongoing symptoms include muscle and joint pain, cognitive defects, and sleep disturbances.

Many people who experience Lyme disease often become depressed; this was the case for Bieber, as in 2019, many speculated that he was depressed. Two years earlier, in the summer of 2017, Bieber was halfway through his “Purpose” tour when he cancelled it, leaving many fans upset. After cancelling his tour, Bieber took a hiatus from music and used this time to focus on himself. At the time, his manager expressed in a public statement that “many times [Bieber] just wanted to give up.” Junior Oliva Reis happens to be one of many fans who was disappointed when Bieber cancelled his tour. She stated, “Ever since elementary school, I’ve been a fan, and [the “Purpose” tour] would have been my first time seeing him, so I was very upset. However, cancelling the tour was the best thing for him, considering all the hardships he was going through.”                                                                                                           

Despite his debilitating disease, Bieber has recently begun making music again. He released the single “Yummy,” on January 3, which has already reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Along with the single, Bieber is “now ready for his upcoming album release and tour,” according to an article by TMZ ( Many fans are very excited for this tour and are already positive that they will be attending. Junior Alyssa Campos states, “My friends and I already talked about going. We are all so excited for his new album to come out.” Along with continuing his musical career, Bieber is creating a 10-part documentary series on YouTube. He released the trailer on Dec. 31, 2019, and he revealed it will premiere on Jan. 27.