The Spotlight: Jess Graepel


Photo courtesy of Jess Graelpel, Edit by Josh Polansky

Throughout her time on Lynbrook Softball, Jess Graepel has thrived. Her leadership ability during her time at Lynbrook has helped to further a young Softball team. Her ability on the field is also unmatched, earning her the opportunity to play softball at SUNY New Paltz for the next four years.

Graepel has been a staple of success for the Owls in throughout her high school career, playing four years on varsity, each better than the last. Graepel has developed a very impressive resume in her time, including a homerun this season against Great Neck South, and an exceptional season last year that included a homerun against Wheatley and a 4-5 game against Garden City that included 3 RBIs. Graepel shares the way softball has impacted her over her years at Lynbrook: “Lynbrook Softball has made a big impact on my life. It has taught me the value of communication and working as a team on the field, as well as teaching me how to form bonds.”

Beyond her individual talent, Graepel’s leadership skills were another reason she made such a huge impact on the team. These leadership skills earned her the honor of being named captain of the team. “I try to lead by example,” commented Graepel, “As a captain, you have to focus on getting a drill done while trying to make it as interesting as possible. There is nothing better than seeing a light-bulb go off in someone’s mind when you are explaining something.”

Junior teammate Lia Cohen discusses the impact Graepel has on the team and its younger players in particular, saying, “Our team is mostly younger than Jess and I genuinely feel like everyone really looks to her as a great role model overall.” She also added, “Jess impacts the team by being a true leader who tries her hardest for the team and who everyone loves.”

Although Graepel’s time with the Owls is coming to an end, she is moving on to bigger and better things at New Paltz, but she will not forget her fond memories at Lynbrook any time soon. “One thing that I will miss the most from softball at Lynbrook are the people who I have met along the way. I played for many travel teams, but there is nothing better than playing a sport with the people you have grown up with,” commented Graepel, “When you have dedicated four years of your life to one team, it is very hard to let it go.” One thing is for sure, Graepel’s impact on and off the field will be remembered by everyone around Lynbrook Softball for years to come.