Praise for Netflix’s Birdbox


Under no circumstances are you allowed to take off your blindfold.

A hybrid of both horror and suspense, Birdbox does an exceptional job at fusing the unique aspects of both genres. Resembling the works of Stephen King, director Susanne Bier creates a long and convoluted plot line that leaves the audience in the dark. She produces a feeling of exhilaration while bringing out the uneasy feeling that one gets on a roller coaster. Not only is Birdbox dominating the cultural world, but it is also becoming a great film and ultimately an icon in the cinematic universe.

After an inexplicable, mysterious force wipes out half of the population, only one thing is certain: If you see it, you die. This unknown entity that takes the form of one’s darkest dreams and worst nightmares makes people commit suicide right when they see it. It is omnipotent and ubiquitous. The only way to protect yourself is to wear a blindfold.

Birdbox follows Malorie (Sandra Bullock), a middle-aged, introverted woman. We soon learn that she is pregnant. Following the mysterious entity’s arrival to the United States, Malorie finds herself in a debacle. After the initial chaos and the death of her sister, she ultimately winds up locked in a house full of strangers where they must hide to survive. At the same time, we see her struggle after the entity first arrives. We then  follow her journey to an asylum, a home for the blind, five years later with her children. The rising action of the plotline is riveting and intriguing as it effectively builds to a mesmerizing climax. Aidan Smithwick, an avid fan of the movie, agrees: “This movie builds very well. It is suspenseful right up until the very end.”

Along with the especially talented Bullock, Birdbox  has a wonderful blend of young and veteran actors and actresses.  John Malkovich (Douglas), executes his typical character: a rigid and steely individual. Likewise, Trevante Rhodes (Tom), executes an amazing performance. Despite starting his acting career in 2016, Rhodes has already been in numerous blockbuster movies including Moonlight, 12 Strong, and of course, Birdbox. Rachel Campanile, a junior at Lynbrook High School, comments on Rhodes’ performance: “He did an amazing job working while not being able to see. He worked really well with Sandra Bullock. He was perfect for this movie.” Overall, the acting in this movie is excellent.

In addition to the acting, the directing and cinematography of Birdbox are both impeccable and enticing. It was a keen idea by Bier to never show what the monster or entity looks like. This haunting effect makes the viewers uneasy; both the characters and  viewers are unaware of what is going on.

Birdbox checks off all the boxes that make a great film. It has an alluring plot, an exceptional cast, and has captivating cinematography. Suzanne Biers develops a great movie that is so entertaining, you will want to take off your blindfold.