Cabaret Night Swings by Smoothly

Students showcased their various talents at this year’s annual Cabaret Night. The performances ranged from singing, dancing, instrumental performances, comedy and even a magic show. The audience enjoyed a cafe-style setting where snacks and drinks were provided, which contributed to the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. This year, the talent was exceptional and each performer truly shined.

From the start of the evening, Cabaret Night was a welcoming environment for performers and audience members alike. The night was hosted by Tri-M President Sam Cohen, and Vice President Ben Gagliardo, who brought immense energy and life to the show. In addition, the performers were all extremely supportive of one another, cheering each other on from the sidelines. When asked if they would like to specifically acknowledge someone, senior Jason Shao happily replied, “Shoutout to Marissa Keller. I’m a terrible dancer myself so for me I’m always impressed by dancing.” In turn, senior and percussionist Richie Wiater shared, “Shoutout to Jason Shao, who performed “Ghosts That We Knew” by Mumford and Co. Senior Amanda Palazzo gave a shout out to the band Leaman Place, who also closed the show, sharing, “This group is filled with a bunch of talented musicians and they blow me away every time they sing.” Then, in the true spirit of Cabaret Night, senior Sam Barbato shared, “No shoutouts, everyone did absolutely amazing and they know that already.”

Senior Danny Neri, who performed with his band Leaman Place , had a piece of advice for those who hope to audition next year. “If you have an idea for an act that you want to audition with, get started early with putting together a group if you need one and have frequent, productive practices. Fellow senior Luke Rinaldi, who performed a rock medley on the xylophone, mirrored Neri’s statement. “My advice to young performers would be to practice as much as possible and to be confident.” He continued, “As long as you act like you know what you’re doing, the audience will enjoy your act.”

For seniors, this years Cabaret Night marked the end of an era. “It’s bittersweet. Of course it’s upsetting to perform for the last time but I’m excited to see the tradition continue for years to come.” shared Shao. Wiater shared this sentiment, “I loved my last Cabaret Night performance. I’m sad it’s over, but glad it even began at all.”

Ultimately, the whole night was a culmination of LHS’s finest talent. Each performance was well thought out and exemplified the hard work, effort, and teamwork it takes to put on such a show.