Is the Wall Worth It?: Yes

The media has kept national coverage of the border wall deceptively superficial. Some intentionally blind themselves to the benefits of the border wall as a way of underestimating the need for border infrastructure. While the wall is an obvious restraint to illegal immigration, it will surely improve the lives of many Americans in several ways. To some, the wall seems too expensive and ineffective. It is quite clear why people would want to come to such a successful nation. Individuals are not restricted to a certain class and there are all kinds of opportunities awaiting in America. However, the implementation of the wall will save lives, reduce illegal immigration, smuggling, and trafficking.

It is a crime to enter the United States without having the proper legal documentation. However, like any other crime, people find ways around it. An effective deterrent, such as the wall, would lower or stop the repercussions of those breaking the law. With no border infrastructure, border patrol will not be able to notice as many illegal crossings. Building the wall would give border patrol the advantage of finding more illegal immigrants if they were able to exceed the wall.

By building the wall, the pull factor that drives illegal immigration would decrease. A family, or an individual, would be less motivated to try passing the border if they knew they would be sent back by border patrol or end up staring at a thirty-foot wall. Minimizing motivation of attempting to illegally cross the border is crucial and will overall help the safety of those trying to cross it. Tremendous amounts of endangered women, children, and families travel thousands of miles every year, through deserts and the deprivation of food and shelter for a chance to cross the southern border. Families, and many individuals pay a lot of money to smugglers to bring them to the United States. These smugglers are not concerned about these people’s safety and are only doing it for the money. While on these journeys, many die or become ill. By installing the border wall, these tragedies would not have to continue if people did not attempt these journeys in the first place.

Those truly fleeing violence or other difficulties may have a valid claim for asylum. By putting the wall into effect, asylum would be provided to those in need while working with laws and keeping order. The border wall will save many lives by discouraging dangerous and illegal immigration.

The building of the border wall will decrease the flow of gangs, drugs, and human trafficking. Tunnels have been documented under the border and ladders above it. If one decides to still attempt to cross the wall, climbing the ladders will slow him/her down and limit what he/she can bring with him/her. Vehicles are not permitted before the wall. Any vehicle with drugs, weapons, slaves, or anything else must stop. The benefits of the wall are clear. Slowing down violators allows border patrol to arrive at the scene in time to prevent anything illegal from entering, including the individual or the things that he/she carried with him/her. Even if the individual manages to get past the border, violators will have fewer supplies, and ultimately, less dangerous materials. The individual will also be travelling on foot, giving border patrol the advantage of speed and timing when trying to catch up with him/her.

By preventing vehicles from driving past the border, the environment is saved. The southern border contains much valuable land. Federal law protects about 20.7 million acres of land, such as national parks and wilderness areas. When smugglers, traffickers, or other individuals enter the country, they are not concerned about what they are doing to the environment. They enter the country driving all-terrain vehicles that destroy plants, disturb drainage, and pose harm to animals. The border wall will save lives by reducing weapons, drugs, human trafficking, and protect the environment.

Two Mexican border cities were ranked amongst the top most dangerous in the world. It is only logical to construct a wall between dangerous and safe places. The wall would reduce the spread of violence, drugs, human trafficking, and burglary. The benefits of the border wall are being ignored by many. If the border wall is not addressed, human lives, environmental damage, drugs, weapons, and crime will be the cost.