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Q&A with the ‘24-’25 Key Club Board

Key Club’s new board snaps a group photo. Photo courtesy of Benedict Tieniber

LHS Key Club held elections for new board members on April 10 and took to their Instagram page, @lhskeyclubb, to announce them. Read on to learn more about the new board and their goals for Key Club next fall. 


I feel very excited for this new upcoming year. I believe that the other presidents [and I] will be able to lead an even better service year. I hope that this year’s new board will be able to be very successful and mark Lynbrook’s presence as a club at next year’s LTC and come above other city schools.” – Erick Diaz, junior

This is a great accomplishment, and I am very excited to get involved in as many events as possible and to continue to help my community. I am so excited to lead my school alongside Kate, Erick, and the other board members.” – Kelsey Roth, junior

“I am so honored and thankful for this opportunity. Next year is going to be the best Key Club has ever seen with increased membership, fundraising, and new events.” – Kate Santoli, junior

Vice Presidents

“I am so excited and lucky to be one of this year’s vice presidents. I look forward to working alongside Luke, Skylar, and the other board members. I wish to win even more awards at LTC this year and to beat the city schools!” – Katy Gottlieb, junior 

Note: Gottlieb will also be serving as a district executive assistant for the New York District Key Club for the 2024-2025 service year. As district EA, she is responsible for assisting the district governor, creating monthly updates entitled “EA Exclaims,” sending emails, hosting meetings, attending meetings, overseeing the lieutenant governors, planning events such as Fall Rally and the annual Leadership Training Conference in Albany, and is the head of five committees. 

 “I am so happy to be back on the board this year. I hope to achieve the most awards at LTC ever while I am vice president. I am looking forward to an amazing service year.” – Luke Pignataro, sophomore 

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be vice president my freshman year. It will be an experience that I will cherish deeply. I hope that members in our club become more involved, that we strengthen the relationships within the club, and foster a positive and inclusive environment.” – Skylar Wolkoff, freshman


I am honored to be on the board of the biggest and best club in the school. I am so excited to work together with my fellow board members. As a board, this year, I hope that we can raise as much money as possible and just keep on growing this club. I want to exceed our goals for fundraisers and hopefully get more faces at LTC next year. Join Key Club, you won’t regret it.” – Justin Haberman, junior 

“I am very proud and excited to be a part of next year’s board no matter what my position is. I am looking forward to hosting events, taking part in the blood drive, helping at car washes, and more. I can’t wait to see where this year takes us.” – Cameron Kirby, sophomore 

“It feels great to be a part of the board again. I have a love for Key Club, so getting to help at the district level and with my home club just makes it better. I hope to surpass any goals we achieved the previous year. As a division we raised $83,000, and Lynbrook helped fund a lot of that. This year, I know when it will beat that number, and I can’t wait to see all the schools in the division contribute.” – Jessica Strohofer, junior 

Note: Strohofer will also begin serving as the lieutenant governor of Division 7 for the 2024-2025 service year. As lieutenant governor, also known as LTG, her job is to make sure all 11 schools in the division do the report forms and stay on top of their game. She also makes a newsletter every month and does weekly updates every week as LTG. 


It feels good to know people trust me with this position. I hope to do well and raise as much money as possible.” – Damon Lanzello, junior 

“I’m looking forward to serving as treasurer this year. I’m looking forward to having a lot of events and fundraising a lot.” – Bennett Votano, junior 

I am so excited to be given the opportunity to be a part of the 2024-2025 service year Lynbrook Key Club board! I am looking forward to working closely with our amazing board to raise money and awareness about so many great charities throughout the year! I hope as a board we can lead by example of what a great and powerful team of people can do for a community or organization!” – Aidan Pearsall, sophomore 

Social Media Managers

I feel honored and so incredibly grateful to be on the board with such an amazing group of people. I was truly so happy and proud of everyone! I hope to help create a bright and positive feed that truly represents what Key Club is and who is in it.” – Ana Juarez, junior 

“Being voted in as social media manager feels amazing. It’s exciting because I love social media and can’t wait to manage our school’s accounts. There’s also a lot of pride in knowing Dr. T and my classmates trust me with this role. Representing our school well and keeping everyone engaged is a big responsibility. Overall, it’s a huge honor and a chance to be creative and make a positive impact. I’m really looking forward to getting started and doing my best!” – Dani Zhanay, sophomore 


This is my third year attaining a board position, and as always, I feel honored to be able to contribute to Key Club in this way. As a board member, I hope to help make the club the best it can be and work alongside other board members to help others in the community.” – Emily Franklin, junior

“I am excited to apply my skills and connect with other board members. As a board member I want to make written content the best it can be. I aim to improve clarity and make sure every piece is interesting and easy to understand.”– Shameen Pirzada, sophomore 


“It’s an honor to be in this position because there are over 300 members in Key Club, and to be on the board is amazing. As a board, I hope to encourage more people to get involved and raise as much money as possible. Key Club is a great club that everyone in LHS should join,” – Cooper Cordes, sophomore 

“It feels amazing to have a spot on one of the biggest growing clubs in our school,  club that makes a difference in our society. I hope to achieve the goal of making a lot of people happy. Whether that be in helping the elderly or people in hospitals or really anything. Everyone should be joining Key Club. Just helping a little bit will make such a difference on our school and most importantly your community.” – Cooper Schorr, junior

Board Representatives

“I feel honored to have been chosen as a board representative. I hope to raise as much money as I can for charities and help Key Club with all the events we do this year!” – Sofia Michaelokas, sophomore 

I hope to achieve a bigger following for Key Club, gain experience being one of the head members of a club, and grow my social skills this year. It feels great to have this position. I feel like everyone on the board has earned a spot because everyone who earned one volunteers frequently and are avid members in Key Club.” – Makayla Jaikaran, sophomore 

LHS Key Club is looking forward to not only an amazing school year, but a fantastic service year with the new board. Club Advisor Benedict Tieniber expressed, “We are excited to see what the ‘24-’25 board does. We are off to a strong start as the year goes from 4/1 – 3/31. Our goal is to always grow and to do better than we did last year.”

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