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Spilling My Guts on Olivia Rodrigo’s Deluxe Edition

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After a lengthy six months since Olivia Rodrigo’s sophomore album GUTS was released, the singer-songwriter emerged with five new songs added to a deluxe edition of the collection. The novelty that is Olivia Rodrigo has never gone unnoticed throughout all her heartful and noteworthy lyrics that bring millions of children, teenagers, and young adults to their feet. An instant fan-favorite after the release of her first album, SOUR, two years prior, she has been listened to on repeat all over the world. Rodrigo’s brilliantly well-written songs that convey deep messages while having fun and upbeat background music have never failed to thrill her listeners.

Track One: “Obsessed”

“Obsessed” perfectly captures the emotions that come with having a crush whilst being a teenage girl in today’s world. That being said, the song begins differently than any other song in the GUTS album; instead of beginning with words, the song starts with a catchy rhythm, “la-da-da-da,” where the first lyrics would normally be. Beginning with abstract sounds instead of words draws the listeners’ attention and makes the song seem more relaxing compared to the rest of Rodrigo’s discography; however, it is the complete opposite. Shortly after the start, the beat of “Obsessed” begins to increase in volume and intensity. The lyrics get increasingly dramatic as well, depicting the singer’s emotions of true jealousy. The song also contains a hidden message of insecurity; it is sung from the point of view of a jealous girlfriend whose own insecurities eventually overshadow the flaws of her partner’s ex-girlfriend’s, whom she has begun to be obsessed with.

Track Two: “Girl I’ve Always Been” 

“Girl I’ve Always Been” approaches a different side of Rodrigo that some listeners may have yet to experience. With its catchy and almost country-like tune, this song illustrates the difficulties that may come from someone finding themselves. For instance, the repeated lyric of “But I am the girl I’ve always been” makes it evident that the speaker has always been the same person, regardless of whether those around her believe it or not. The catchy guitar strumming throughout the song provides a more upbeat feeling contrasts a more serious situation. This song truly speaks to the majority of teenagers who are trying to find themselves while being criticized and having to pretend that they do not hear the negative comments.  

Track Three: “Scared of My Guitar”

“Scared of My Guitar” is heartfully beautiful within the first line; the sincere lyrics invoke an instant understanding in the listeners that this song has come from the heart of Rodrigo. The juxtaposition between the lyrics in the song reflects the conflict between the speaker’s actual thoughts versus those that she wishes she were thinking. The speaker’s self-degrading words and comparisons to those around her—“If I was brave and noble like you”—command a level of emotion that many singers are not brave enough to share with the whole world. Furthermore, the song shortly turns from the speaker’s personal insecurities to those within her relationships. Rodrigo’s insecurities have been speculated to resemble her previous relationships, which were very mainstream in the public eye, making it difficult for her to focus on her relationships without worrying about the world’s criticisms. The constant worry and anxiety that come from being a public figure are demonstrated in this song with how the speaker truly feels once the camera is off for even a second. 

Track Four: “Stranger”  

“Stranger” demonstrates the experience of heartbreak and all the emotions that come with the associated pain. The song commences with the speaker’s newfound sense of purpose after having dealt with a breakup. Therefore, while there is a level of seriousness throughout the song, there are also signs of hope. Within the song, several lyrics convey the emotions of finding oneself after a breakup, such as, “I can’t even remember what made me lose all that sleep.” As the song progresses, it is evident that the speaker has fully overcome the conflicts that arose after losing someone close to her; in the beginning of the song, she feels fully at peace, and by the end, she refers to her “someone close” as a stranger. Referring to an ex-partner as a “stranger I know everything about” demonstrates acceptance of a situation that can no longer be changed. Consequently, the song focuses more on the lyrics in the song rather than the beats and rhythm behind it, emphasizing the importance of everything that Rodrigo is singing. 

Track Five: “So American”

The song “So American” is unexpectedly and overwhelmingly sweet, from its lyrics to its upbeat rhythm. As Rodrigo’s relationship with actor Louis Patridge has gone public within the last couple of weeks, it is safe to say that “So American” is written for Patridge and Patridge only. As the song unravels the infectious relationship between Rodrigo and Patridge, it also depicts a side of Rodrigo that no one has ever seen before with her songwriting; the song is more of a love song rather than the heartbreak song that Rodrigo’s listeners have become so accustomed to. Aside from being a simple and sweet love song, “So American” also gives the feeling of having been written directly from Rodrigo’s journal. Leaning towards what every listener has been discussing and remarking on for weeks is not only a smart marketing strategy but also a brilliant way to become more involved with her audience as a whole. 

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