“My Husband Is a Spy: Chapter II”

My husband stared into my eyes and told me to calm down first before explaining. I looked at him like he was crazy.

 “You want me to calm down after what just happened?!” I saw James’ sorrowful eyes, like a child’s when they break something. Right at that moment, I knew I did need to calm down. He looked just as worried as me, so I took a deep breath in and let him speak. In a serious tone, he claimed, “Darling, I am a spy.”  Then, I started to laugh. HAHA! He is kidding, right?

 But he was still staring at me, and I could tell he was not joking. I could not wrap my head around it. He told me that from a noticeably early age, his parents were training him to be a spy; they worked with a secret agency that is funded by the government. I backed away for a second. I did not even know who he was anymore. My eyes started to water. I looked at him and yelled, “So, was everything that has happened between us a lie!? Or is this part of some plan that you have with the government, do you plan to just leave me on my own!?”

 He had no words. I stood up to leave, but he grabbed my arm and said that I needed to stay down in the basement. “Why?” I asked him. He told me that “he couldn’t say.” He walked back upstairs, and as soon as he shut the door, I climbed out the window from the basement and tried to see what was going on inside the house. My jaw dropped from what I saw: Two suspicious looking men were on the ground, and James was on the phone. 

I was about to leave and go find help, when suddenly, someone grabbed me and blindfolded me! I could not see anything. I was hoisted into the air, brought out the front door and heard a car door open. I was terrified: First, I find out that my husband is a spy, and next thing I know, I get kidnapped.

 When they finally took the blindfolds off, I was in a white room, and I was left there for about three hours.Then James came in. I turned my back to him; the last person I wanted to see was him. He tried to explain, but nothing of what he said changed my mind; he was a liar. He told me repeatedly that “he was just trying to protect me” and that “he had wanted to tell me for so long, but he knew that if he did, we would both be in big trouble.”

 I’ll admit, he did have a point if we could have gotten both in trouble. But what for? What could he have done? I told James to leave me alone, but he persisted; he did not want to leave until he figured it out. “What is there to figure out!?” I exclaimed in exasperation.”I get it, you are a spy, and I am your little side-life that you have–” Suddenly, the possibility of something I never could have anticipated happening popped into my mind. “DO YOU HAVE SOMEONE ELSE?? AM I JUST HERE FOR A COVER-UP!?

 James backed away. Knowing that nothing that he had to say was going to make it better, he left the room. I was livid; my heart sank each time I heard a step. I sat on the floor and cried until morning. That morning, I heard the door open and saw James come in. He told me to come with him. I didn’t want to, but if I did not do what he asked,” the others might do something to me.”

 I walked through a dark hallway with some men I did not know, and we entered a room with a single chair. Where they were going to electrocute me, I thought. They told me to sit down in the chair and say goodbye to James, as the process would start in a few minutes. James walked in, his eyes looked swollen like he was crying for a long time. I asked him what was going to happen. “D-Don’t wo-worry a-about it,” he said, his voice cracking. I begged him to tell me. “I g-guess it do-doesn’t matter since y-you will fo-forget a-about it an-anyway,” he said, holding back tears. 

“James, what do you mean?” I said.

“They’re erasing your memory of me.”