Artist Spotlight: Victoria Singson

Victoria Singson
Victoria Singson

Senior Victoria Singson did not have a linear path to becoming an artist, nor does she consider this craft a natural talent: “Because it was never a talent, I practiced a lot to become better, and I still do.” Singson remarked that around middle school, she joined art classes; she did not do so for purposes of improvement, but rather because she was continually drawn to these activities. “I would doodle in class a lot and just sketch for fun at home. I started seriously drawing somewhat recently and sometimes find it hard to make a finished piece, but art is one of my favorite things to do,” Singson expressed.

During her junior year of high school, Singson was enrolled in Advanced Drawing and Painting. Now in AP Art, she is also a member of the National Art Honor Society. Music lyrics or TV shows may sometimes inspire her to create art, but Singson loves to consume many different forms of media, like cartoons, theater plays, and anime. She is also inspired by the drawings that other artists post on social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok. She especially loves the fluidity of Studio Ghibli movies and how they are able to turn “mundane life magical.” 

Singson expressed that her friends and family are most encouraging when she draws: “[They] can help me when I ask if there’s anything more I should add to a piece. My art teachers in school are able to critique my pieces further, as well.” Singson has also developed her artistic techniques throughout her academic years. “Overall, my art has changed in many ways. I’ve grown a lot from when I initially started drawing, as I didn’t have any knowledge of actual techniques for art. When I was younger, I tended to watch YouTube art tutorials, while now, I just use picture references.” Singson commented that taking an anatomy and physiology class during her junior year aided her, helping her with many different aspects of her artistic techniques and style. Currently, she prefers to use mixed media but remarked that “colored pencils are able to give tiny details as well, and I like making colorful, bright art.”

Singson hopes to continue art as an adult, hopefully earning money from it. She has built a significant relationship to art both in school at LHS’s art department and in her own ventures. Tom Sena, an art teacher who taught Victoria last year in Advanced Drawing and Painting, said that “Victoria possesses a fantastic natural artistic ability. She can envision imagery and get it down onto paper or canvas with what looks like the greatest of ease. That’s an absolutely amazing skill.”