Who Runs the World? Girls!

Faith Singh-Koobial, Staff

January 7, 2019

California became the first state to sign legislation that requires women to be more involved in companies’ boards of directors. The goal of the legislation, first proposed in September 2018, is to have at least one woman on...

The Effect of Social Media on Social Skills

Rachel Belmont, Contributor

January 7, 2019

The purpose of social media is to keep people connected and maintain interaction while they are apart, but people are beginning to use social media to interact more than they do in person. Twenty out of 25 Snap chatters around...

Pittsburgh Shooting Rocks the Country

Emma Ward, Contributor

December 21, 2018

Sitting in synagogue on a Saturday morning with my family, I received news that shook my world. At a synagogue in an East Coast suburb, just like the one I was currently in, there had been a shooting. I can honestly say this news...

When Is It Too Early for Christmas?

Alex Sylvia, Contributor

December 21, 2018

From the looks of malls, retail stores, and pretty much everywhere around, the beloved holiday known as Christmas has made an appearance earlier than ever before. This year, even before Halloween had ended, Santa’s deadline...

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