Planning for Life Post-COVID

What is the first thing I am going to do when the pandemic is officially over? This is a question most Americans have been asking since March of 2020.  Thinking of a response to this question has been a daily activity most people. Some might think of family members they want to visit whom they have not seen in over a year. Others might hope to fully reenter society and return t what life was like pre-COVID.

Back in early March 2020, everything shutdown and the economy was in decline. A way people got through that tough time was to look ahead to the future  When freshmen Anthony Capitali was asked about the first thing he would to do when the pandemic is over, he responded, “I would like to travel and then do mostly stuff I missed while the pandemic was happening.” Capitali continued, “Basically, I’d like to do the simple things as before, like going into stores without a mask or even being closer than six feet from someone.” As do many people, Capitali looks forward to the day where he does not have to wear masks to be with people.

Senior Zoe Mevorah cannot wait for the pandemic to be over. She said, “Honestly, I would probably go to a concert. I don’t even care who the singer is, but I miss the energy of being in the pit with a ton of people who share love for the same artist.” As many artists had to cancel their national and international tours, fans were disappointed. Although many have not started again, some show have been rescheduled with constantly changing dates.

One of the things people miss most is seeing family, especially the elderly members of the family. History teacher Olga Zisel said, “I’m going to have a giant get together at my house with my extended family once COVID is over.” Zisel continued, “COVID has prevented us from attending some of their weddings, baptisms, etc., so I will be excited to see the family I haven’t seen in so long.” Although many people have spent a lot of time with their nuclear family this past year, many missed seeing aunts, uncle, cousins, and grandparents.

For some people, they have been in this period of uncertainty for so long that they are unsure of what to do first. Sophomore Ryan Benvenuto agreed by saying, “I am not really sure as to the first thing I will do once the pandemic is over. I will probably feel like the happiest person alive knowing that this tragic time has passed.” Benvenuto added, “This pandemic has taught me to never take things for granted, and I know that once it is over, I will always take any opportunity I get because anything can happen at any time.”

While some people thought about big things for when COVID is over, others focused on the smaller ideas. As for the first thing she will do when COVID is over, freshmen Madison McConville said, “Throw my mask away because I am so done with it.” Sophomore Ezekiel Callahan thought in a broader sense to this question. Callahan said, “I definitely want to start traveling again.”

As people look forward towards what they might want to do once this pandemic is over, it appears this time may be getting close. As people have started to become vaccinated, it has given many people a burst of hope for the near end to this costly pandemic. This burst of new hope has helped to give many a new, positive look into the future where these dreams could soon become a reality.